Alternate Day Fast – Week 2 Update

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Alternate day fasting is when you fast one day and eat whatever you want the next. Alternately fasting and feasting restricts one’s caloric intake over time.  In my case “fasting” consists of just non-caloric fluids and eating a single high protein meal of less than 500 calories.

Second week results: I lost 8.8 lbs. over two weeks. This tracks along with the first weeks results of 4.6 lbs., so I think we can rule out the loss being primarily water weight or the mass of undigested food.  Overall I feel good.

I swam for 45 minutes twice last week and just started weight training 3 days a week for 45 minutes using the Stronglifts 5×5 program.  The idea is preserve muscle mass during this period of calorie restriction.

I, of course, am starting slow because of my knee pain and spinal stenosis.  Two workouts in and I am feeling good.  Minimal knee pain and confident about my improving form in the compound movements.  Wish me luck.