Cold Running

Reading Time: 2 minutes

46730987_2e455f9420_bUnfortunately I have had my training for a marathon derailed for 2 weeks.  A nasty cold turned into a lung infection which just lingered with all this darn rain.  So I am wondering now how I get back up into the groove where I am pushing for 20 mile runs to get ready for a marathon.  I came across this article in Runner’s World that says that it’s a not a good idea to go back to running if you have a lung infection.  I am happy to subscribe to this advice, because I didn’t really feel much like running for the last two weeks.

I am almost better and ran just one day a week the last two weeks.  Yesterday’s run was a personal best 3-miler for this year at 22:34.  I am dreading the long run however.  I just can’t see myself trudging along for 13 miles after having been out of the habit for 3 weeks.  My guess is to go back about 3 weeks and pick up the training schedule from there. So it looks like a 7 mile run tomorrow.  It looks like there will be a one hour window in the morning from 8-9AM where the rain will let up.  I’m going to try to make that window.

On another note:  Some guy tested all the GPS watches to see how accurate they were. The results were surprising.

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