Oh Behave!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Oh Behave! may be the simplest and easiest way to parenting an obedient child. One of the age-old problems with discipline is not knowing what to do, it’s being consistent.  Giving a kid a two minute timeout should be easy.  It’s not.  First, you need a clock.  You must watch it diligently to catch when two minutes have passed.  If you’re like me, devoting two minutes to clockwatching is not really what you want to be doing.   Especially since the misbehavior or outburst that earned a timeout already kept you from something you wanted to do.  Consistently promoting good behavior in your children just gets even more complicated. The available tools like point and reward programs just add complexity.  I can barely find my childrens’ jackets, how am I going to regularly keep tally of their behavior points?

When I am putting together a project, I usually focus on describing a system on paper before automating it.  The odds of my coming up with something genuinely useful without it having been fully expressed using paper and pencil first is pretty low.   But child discipline is all verbal.

The problem is coming up with a suitable consequence on the spot, remembering what you said, and carrying through with it.  Even more difficult is staying in synch with the other parent. If you two show the slightest bit of uncertainty, your smart child will quickly learn to play you off each other. And, most parents don’t do all that reward-chart-points-off-for-misbehavior stuff because it’s just freakin’ more work!  Note re: above on the chaos that is parenting!

Enter Oh Behave.  Timeouts, rewards, misbehaviors, consequences, points, tracking and communication all in one easy, coherent and simple app.  You’ll remember every misbehavior, timeout and consequence.  Your partner will know all the bad and good stuff your child did when he or she was with you. Problem solved. How much would you pay for such a miracle? Let me know!