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About This Project

95% of the time when I walk in the door of a company, my first recommendation isn’t to change their name. This time it most definitely was.  At a time when most information technology companies were talking about increasing access to information, the company name of Island Data was an unfortunate metaphor. Island Data Corporation develops real-time customer analytics solutions. The Company’s flagship product, Insight RT captures customer feedback from various sources, analyzes the concepts and intent of the unstructured feedback, and converts the feedback into insights that can be acted upon in real-time.

Working with 1185 Design in Silicon Valley, I led the branding initiative that repositioned as Overtone and its footprint expanded to social media listening and engagement, Insight RT was recast as Open Mic, alluding to its primary application of analyzing topic and sentiment of user-generated content. To illustrate the capabilities of the system, I conceived syndicated industry reports for hospitality and gaming verticals. Offering real-time analysis of sentiment on TripAdvisor and IGN. What had previously been the province of very large enterprises that get millions of customer feedback items a month was now available to SMEs.