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ASICS Men’s GT-2000 4 Running Shoe

– I have worn the same shoe for over 20 years. Every time I need a new pair of shoes I go to Sports basement or whatever shoe store. I try on at least 10 pairs of shoes from all brands and all types and I wind up choosing the Asics. They just fit and feel right. The problem is my size which is 12.5 narrow. I can usually find a pair but it is always in the ugliest possible color combination.


Tesla Men’s Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe BK31


Update:  I have a new philosophy in running and part of it is a new attitude on shoes.  I am now wearing this shoe.  See my blog post here.

ASICS Men’s Thermal XP Slim Pants


Asics Running Pants – I have two pairs that are exactly right and a couple of lower end ones. It gets cold in San Francisco and a man needs sweat pants. I have to admit these are exactly the pants I run in. Those are very hard to find. These do share one key feature. That is the yoke across the back. Generic technical running shirt – I get one of these from every race. I have a drawer full of them.

Kirkland Signature Men’s Outdoor Trail Sock Merino Wool Blend Assorted Pack

Socks – Kirkland wool. A lot of people swear by all kinds of technical socks, but for me the cushioning and the water repellency of wool is the best.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Watch

– Love it. It does everything I want and only has one button. Works running, biking, in the pool, open water swim, treadmill, everywhere. 7 day charge on standby. Doesn’t count steps.

Armband for iPhone SE, 5, 5s, 5c with a slim case


Ispeed Mirror Pro Optical Swim Goggle

Iphone – goes without saying

Kanu Surf Men’s Competition Jammers Swim Suit


EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale with Extra Large Lighted Display

Scale – Straight forward. Calibrates quickly.

Care Touch Skinfold Body Fat Caliper Set, Care Touch Measure Tape Included

Calipers –

All the body fat measurements seem kind of rough. I can compare the result from the caliper test against the Omron and see what kind of concordance I get.

Omron Fat Loss Monitor

– The jury is still out on this. I haven’t had such a great change in body fat composition that I have been able to test how accurate this is. I am hoping that my current program will give me some data.



– I tried both Myfitnesspal and Loseit for over a year and decided that Myfitnesspal was better for me. It just does more.


A simple linear progression weight lifting program to get you from beginner to intermediate.  Like Couch25k for weightlifting.


The one feature that outdoes every other service out there is that it automatically tracks your run segments. If you happen to run a created segment it will keep a time for you and you can compare your performance on an on-going basis.


this one is getting a little boring on season 3, but the fun of having a story interposed with your run music doesn’t really get old for me.


No single fitness tracker gives me everything I want to analyze my healthand performance, so I download the data and open it in excel to get the graphs and averages I want.