Intermittent Fasting Week 13-14

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Weight has held steady for the last month with an uptick of a pound over the last week.  This is to be expected with a couple of parties around Halloween.  The good news is that my consistent weight training is paying off and I continue to gradually lower my body fat percentage.

I adjusted the way I am calculating fat lost to use exponential smoothing as the baseline instead of seven day moving average, but the trend is still the same. I am consistently losing fat and regaining fat-free mass.  I can tell because my abdominal circumference (waistline) continues to slowly diminish. I am going to have to retool my belts as I am at the last hole on all of them.


Having learned to run again, I am also adding running workouts.  I’ve been averaging a little over once a week for the last month.  It should be twice a week going forward. Running with proper form takes a lot more energy and effort than how I was doing it before.  After my last run, I needed a day of rest to recover from a pretty easy 3-mile jog.  However, I have sped up some and I have lowered my heart rate a bit.

I expect to make some progress over the next two weeks as I get into fighting shape for the Thanksgiving holiday.