Intermittent Fasting Week 11-12

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I gave myself a break these two weeks from fasting.  Except for one pure fasting day where I ate nothing, I ate pretty much normally.  I went to a party and completely blew out calories and drank a lot of them as wine.  And my birthday party I somehow managed to eat 5000 calories. Oh, well. My weight has stayed stable and I am well rested to embark on the next period of intermittent fasting.

I have updated my charts to be more readable and to show a longer period.  Having completed 3 months of intermittent fasting, I’m looking at a time frame to the end of the year.

Despite the increased caloric intake, my body fat percentage may have been going down.  It’s hard to tell because my three measures of body fat %, the Navy waist circumference method, the electrical impedance and the caliper method, have begun to diverge strongly.

If the body fat is to be believed, then despite maintaining my weight or even gaining a little, I am still losing fat and regaining muscle.

I have increased my calorie expenditure by doing a lot more work around the house and cardio. I have gotten in a couple of runs in.  I have been doing HIIT intervals of 6 x 30 sec. sprint 2:30 rest.  I feel it in my calves and buttocks.  The day after a run, my weight drops drastically.  Might be dehydration.  I’ll have to drink more water.

I missed 3 workouts over the last two weeks.  My strength gains have stalled a bit on some lifts. But as I get back on schedule I expect to continue.  Taking a break has not been all bad.   I’ve been able to jumpstart running.  Those sprints are some serious training.

After another couple of days of eating.  I have a big party coming up and then Halloween, I’m going to get back on a strict 4:3 and make a push for my goal weight.  I am only 9 lbs. away. Perhaps a little more because I am building up some muscle from the heavy lifting. I am also going to get back on my lifting schedule.  I’ve missed three workouts over the last couple weeks because of a volatile family schedule.  I am optimistic.