Photofeeler – Anonymous feedback on your photos

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Is your profile photo telling the story you want?

Anyone involved in content strategy knows that the emotional response to images is critical to success. On my blog, I pay as much attention to illustrating with captivating imagery as I do to the writing. You can find out easily enough by previewing your picture selects on Photofeeler and getting some photo feedback on how competent, likable, and influential you appear to be.  You post your photos and in either the social or professional area and viewers immediately start rating them as well as providing notes on expression, pose, lighting and composition. After posting a couple of options for my LinkedIn profile, I was surprised by the disparity between the ratings of the two photos.

Results of my First Photofeeler Test

The Nutty Professor

Apparently, the big glasses and clean chin convey influence but not so much on the likability and competence front. This headshot was taken by a professional.

Some selected photo feedback:

“Would prefer they smiled less.”
“Seems too far away.”
“I think they seem a bit uncomfortable.”
“Photo seems bland.”

Grizzled Silicon Valley Vet

Growing a beard and wearing a tie do wonders for your perceived competence. It only raises your likability a little bit. I took this photo myself using a timer. I’m not sure what the lesson is here.

Photo feedback:

“Great background!”
“Great photo!”
“Great outfit!”

A Clear Winner

You can see that I’ve taken the advice of the anonymous panel. My headshot on my LinkedIn profile.