Finovate San Jose: Cool Fintech

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Provides a toolset for traders to create and back test algorithmic trading strategies based on market signals. Traders can create algorithms, back test them on historical data from the last 27 years, and then incubate the algorithm for 6 months to see if it works. The company then connects successful algorithms with investors. The company makes money by splitting the 20% share of investor gains with the authors of the successful algorithm.




This companies provides a way to make investments in the stock market based on natural language statements. Their system converts your plain statements into ordering instructions for both opening and closing positions. The available dictionary of signals includes both market metrics and more exotic data sources like social media sentiment or weather.


Offers an engine to deliver customized offers and experiences based on a financial service firms’ customer data. It can also use external data to provide additional context like phone status, location, concurrent app sessions etc.