10 Tips for working from home.

Home Office

Reading Time: 4 minutes https://www.flickr.com/photos/harawish/ Set a schedule – Setting a schedule is vital to be effective in a home office. When working from home, all your distractions are right at hand. You are in the exact same environment that you are in during the weekend when you have time to relax, so it’s easy to fall into the … Read more

Unison Kills It At Finovate 2017 San Jose

Reading Time: < 1 minute Flawless presentation of their fundamental financial technology innovation. Practice makes perfect. Are home ownership investments fintech? What is technology? To medieval merchants, the invention of gold certificates was financial technology. Today, people first think of user interfaces and data systems when they think of fintech.  Fundamental paradigms shifts like Unison’s are hard to recognize as being technological … Read more

Finovate San Jose: Cool Fintech

Reading Time: 2 minutes Quantiacs: Provides a toolset for traders to create and back test algorithmic trading strategies based on market signals. Traders can create algorithms, back test them on historical data from the last 27 years, and then incubate the algorithm for 6 months to see if it works. The company then connects successful algorithms with investors. The … Read more