Fitbod App – Artificial Intelligence for Fitness

Parkrun Chrissy Field

Reading Time: 4 minutes Can Artificial Intelligence get your body fit?  I have been weight training for the last year and have made some modest gains.  For all the time and energy I’m putting in though, I’m fairly certain I’m wasting a lot of effort.  I can tell if I’m working hard or not, but I question whether I … Read more

Food Waste – Spoiled Rotten

Still Life of Rotting Fruit

Reading Time: 3 minutes The fruit rotting in the bowl on the side table in my dining room makes me sad.  Food waste. Yet every week, there are some plums or a nectarine slowly becoming browner, softer and juicier while fruit flies buzz overhead. Now, I like nectarines, and I feel so disappointed to see them ruined by sitting … Read more