Food Waste – Spoiled Rotten

Still Life of Rotting Fruit

Reading Time: 3 minutes The fruit rotting in the bowl on the side table in my dining room makes me sad.  Food waste. Yet every week, there are some plums or a nectarine slowly becoming browner, softer and juicier while fruit flies buzz overhead. Now, I like nectarines, and I feel so disappointed to see them ruined by sitting … Read more

Intermittent Fasting – Week 10

Reading Time: 5 minutes Photo:  What I ate in France this summer.   Body Composition My body weight has held steady for the last three weeks.  Disappointing because my goal has been focused on reducing my body weight to take the stress from my knees.  This plateauing of body weight correlates to my switching to the 4:3 pattern from … Read more