Cash for grass – public programs to eliminate thirsty lawns

Fully sheet mulched former lawn

Reading Time: 5 minutes In California, we love our lawns. But now we’re learning that these green carpets are not only expensive to maintain, but also use a lot of water — up to 40 percent of all residential water use in the state each year! In a state that is increasingly concerned about the environment, more Californians are putting down the lawn mowers, digging up their grass and replacing it with drought-friendly rocks and plants.

AI Image Generators and Self Portraits

Ai image generator photorealistic of a combination of celebrities

Reading Time: 8 minutes AI generated faces look amazingly real but are entirely synthetic. More figurative images seem to possess the same sensibility and style as those of well-known artists. Others present the format and perspective and scale of common art forms like character design and movie concept art. The cliché is, “I don’t know what art is, but I know it when I see it.” With AI generated images, people are seeing it a whole lot of images they like. But is it really art? I tried creating a self-portrait to answer the question.