Alternate day Fasting – Week 3

Reading Time: 5 minutes Lost 10.4 lbs. over three weeks. This is a slower rate than the first two weeks.  I think I might be getting closer to my fat set point. A couple of other factors may be responsible. I discuss below. I added some more information to my weight loss chart to give insight to my performance … Read more

Alternate Day Fast – Week 2 Update

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alternate day fasting is when you fast one day and eat whatever you want the next. Alternately fasting and feasting restricts one’s caloric intake over time.  In my case “fasting” consists of just non-caloric fluids and eating a single high protein meal of less than 500 calories. Second week results: I lost 8.8 lbs. over … Read more

Alternate Day Fasting

Reading Time: 5 minutes Introduction: Alternate day fasting means that you fast one day and then the next day you eat whatever you want, a feast day. So, a given week may contain 3 fast  days and 4 feast days  next will have 4 fast days and three feast days. By alternately fasting and feasting one can restrict their … Read more