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Unison Rebranding

Reading Time: 3 minutes The company introduced homeowners to equity finance, but they had a naming problem. FirstRex had executed hundreds of deals with homeowners, the attractive product filling an unmet need in a market of rising home prices and stagnant incomes.

Zecco Launch on Wall Street with Experiential Marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes At Zecco, I oversaw the marketing efforts to bring this online stock trading company to market, building from zero to 140,000 customer accounts over two and a half years. Zecco Company Launch I led efforts to garner Zecco the media coverage we needed to propel the company into investor awareness. My team’s initial media relations … Read more

Overtone Rebranding

Reading Time: 2 minutes The company known as Island Data Corporation develops Real-Time Customer Analytics solutions. The Company's flagship product, Insight RT captures customer feedback from various sources, analyzes the concepts and intent of the unstructured feedback, and converts the feedback into insights that can be acted upon in real-time.

Vote by Mail

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you aren’t registered to vote, use this widget here from If you’re in California, you will automatically receive a ballot in the mail.

Low Carb Muffin as Functional Food? Enter Thorobread

Reading Time: 4 minutes Case Study Creation of a low-carb muffin with a low glycemic index Both of my parents had acquired adult-onset diabetes in their sixties – probably related to their lifestyle and diet. Having grown up eating many of the same foods, I worried that I too was likely to acquire diabetes when I hit their age. … Read more

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